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Among the different types of floor coverings, resilient floorings are the most popular. Resilient flooring is durable, versatile and affordable.

Unlike carpets, resilient flooring resists mildew, spills and stains.

But alas, this does not mean they should not be looked after carefully!

A few factors can unintentionally cause damage to your floors: the use of abrasive cleaners; the absence of carpets in key areas; moving furniture and sunlight.

Additionally, an improper cleaning process can cause premature wear of your floor coverings ~ therefore your investment.

Solathèque’s professional maintenance team is dedicated to keep your floor coverings dazzling and improve their performance.

Our maintenance programs aim to extend the life of your floor coverings and allow you to span the frequency of their replacement.

We can strip and apply finishes on your resilient floors using traditional acrylic waxes.

To lower the cost of maintenance and get better performance from your coatings, consider protecting your resilient with one of our high-performance finishes.

Our cleaning, floor-stripping and waxing services apply to the following resilient floor coverings:

  • Vinyl sheets
  • Vinyl composition tiles (VCT)
  • Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)
  • BioBased tiles (BBT)
  • Rubber sheets & tiles

Entretien Solathèque offers you the best deep cleaning and restorative maintenance solutions for your resilient floor coverings. We can also train your maintenance staff with state of the art techniques for optimal results.

Solathèque has the following certifications:

Forbo Floor Care Technician
NeverStrip Certified Installer

We know about specific care for each type of floor coverings. Ask for a free consultation with our experts today.

Would you like to discuss a customized floor maintenance program with our experts? Contact us today.

To reach us by phone, call Éric Guilbault at 514-335-6026 ext. 36.

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