Renovate without worrying about moving your books


LIFTMAN library shelving lift system saves you time and money

Did you know that our LIFTMAN lifting system allows you to save up to 75% time compared to conventional lifting methods?

When the need arises to lift bookshelves to allow for installation and cleaning of your flooring, you can rely on the efficiency of our specialized lift system to save you money.

Take a look at one of our most recent accomplishments: Flooring renovations using our LIFTMAN system at the Westmount Publiv Library (Montreal, Qc).

Benefits & Savings of Solathèque's LIFTMAN System

Innovative Technology

Our specialized technicians use a patented lifting system to install new flooring in libraries and bookstores.

Significant Savings

LIFTMAN lifting system eliminates the cost of dismantling and assembling shelves. No need to move books. Designed for the special needs of libraries and bookstores, Liftman helps save 25-40% of the usual cost of renovations.

No Warehousing

Using our lift system, no warehousing is required during renovations.

Your Employees Are not Disturbed

The Solathèque team remove and replace your old floor coverings without disrupting your work and your employees.

Saves Labor

Avoids the need to hire additional staff to prepare flooring renovation work.


When Solathèque’s technicians use the LIFTMAN bookshelf lifting system, there are fewer interruptions and disruptions for you and your clients. The speed with which the shelves are moved results in shorter work time and faster return to your activities and services.

How does LIFTMAN work?

The LIFTMAN system lifts entire shelves, so our technicians can easily and rapidly move them away and put them back for renovations, maintenance, or floor covering installation works. Our professionals are trained to operate this device safely and effectively.

Your project is unique. Let us bring it to life.

Would you like more information about our LIFTMAN library and bookstore shelf lifting services for your flooring contracts? We invite you to entrust your needs to Solathèque. You will be wooed by our turnkey service and high quality work.

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