Steam Rooms and Spas

Rest assured; Solathèque, alongside its globally acclaimed partners, offer you the best possible guarantee.

Solathèque specializes in waterproofing and installing ceramic tiles for steam baths, hammams and commercial showers, sports centres, hotels, and spas.

Commercial showers and steam baths require the utmost in waterproofing measures to prevent mould from attacking wall cavities, wood structure or moisture-sensitive wall cladding on the opposite side. The membranes used by Solathèque have been specially manufactured to protect against water and steam in extreme conditions.

Our team of experts will recommend the ideal material for building showers and steam baths and, if required, will machine the ceramic cuts and anti-slip strips needed for the project in our workshop.

Our portfolio features Förena Cité Thermale, Spa Le Finlandais, and Condo Nuovo among our accomplished projects.

We use 20 mm thick membranes, more than 2 times thicker than the standard 8 mm membrane, which contains additives and has a water vapour permeability index of 0.18 perm, according to ASTM E96 test method (procedure E at 90% relative humidity).

We've been working with Solatheque for many years. Their professionalism and care for their suppliers and customers is exceptional. We congratulate them on their excellent service and will continue to work with them in the years to come.

Mima Soares, Centura Commercial Sales Manager


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