Furniture Lifting System (Levitate)

Lift your furniture quickly and effortlessly

The Levitate system is a practical solution that ensures rapid installation and immediate availability of your spaces.

Levitate's patented lifting system makes it possible to install carpet without moving office furniture or IT equipment.

Watch the demonstration in the photo gallery below.

This system is not only approved by furniture manufacturers; it also allows you to complete your floor covering work much more quickly, while saving on moving costs.

The Levitate system allows you to adjust the force required to lift each type of furniture, thereby minimising any risk of damage.

How Does the Levitate System Work?

  1. The day before the work is due to start, users will be advised to store their belongings safely in bins provided for this purpose.
  2. On the day of the work, Solathèque technicians label the items so that they can be easily placed back once the work is finished.
  3. The furniture and partitions are lifted using the Levitate lifting system.
  4. The furniture is moved
  5. We remove the existing carpet, prep the floor, and install the new covering.
  6. Lastly, the furniture is put back in place.

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