Laboratories, Cleanrooms and EPA Zones

Floor coverings that meet the most stringent anti-static and contamination control requirements

Choosing the right floor covering in the electronics industry, especially in EPA (electrostatic protect area) zones, is crucial!

The evacuation and reduction of electrostatic charges are major challenges in these areas. The same applies to clean rooms and laboratories.

Solathèque has the expertise to help you choose a floor covering that meets the most rigorous requirements. Whether it's a dissipative or conductive floor covering, we have the qualified workforce to carry out this type of work, where no detail can be left to chance.

All methods used by Solathèque meet the quality criteria of leading manufacturers, and we highly recommend their services. Solathèque technicians have the skills, training and tools needed to apply our recommendations rigorously.

Steve Melo,
Gerflor Canada


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