Surface Preparation

The crucial step before installing new floor coverings!

Preparing surfaces before installing floor coverings is an essential step. Solathèque possesses the necessary technical know-how to prime floors according to the specific requirements of each job site. Our range of services includes:

Diamond grinding
Removes all traces of old floor adhesives and gives the concrete slab the right profile before laying new floor coverings.

Shot Blasting (Blastrac)
A necessary step for profiling the concrete slab, particularly before applying a self-levelling screed.

When there are high spots on a concrete slab, scarifying helps to lower them out and create a flat surface.

Floor levelling
With the application of a self-levelling underlay, floors are levelled before new coverings are laid, to achieve the required flatness.

Waterproofing membrane
Applying a vapour-barrier membrane can counter all possible moisture problems in a concrete slab.

Solathèque specializes in the installation of commercial resilient flooring and is fully qualified to benefit from the advantages of Forbo products, having done so for many years.

Pierre-Luc Cloutier,
Forbo Key Account Manager


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