Sale and Installation of Entrance Mats

Solathèque provides a fully comprehensive service for your entrance and winter carpet needs.

Our carpets have mould-resistant PVC backing to protect your floors from salt and other ice-melting chemicals. In addition to being stain-resistant, their fibres trap all dirt until it is vacuumed up.

This is the ideal type of carpet for large public entrances or areas of heavy traffic.

The key benefit of entrance mats is that they effectively catch, trap, and contain dirt and moisture. More than 50% of debris from boots and shoes is collected during the first steps.

Solathèque offers a very wide range of entrance mats. Whether you're looking for a scraper mat, a winter mat, or a rain mat, we have just the solution to make your customers feel welcome.

Solathèque Services
Solathèque Services
Solathèque Services

Why Install Entrance Mats?


Installing entrance mats considerably reduces maintenance costs, while leaving dirt and moisture... you guessed it: at the entrance.


Entrance mats protect your investment against gravel, calcium, sand and much more! Did you know that up to 80% of dirt in a building comes from outside and is spread by boots and shoes?


Reduce the risk of falls and accidents by installing entrance mats. Bear in mind that if your floors are made of ceramic, travertine, or marble: water makes them slippery and therefore risky!

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