Library Shelving Moving System (Liftman)

Carry out your floor replacement projects without having to dismantle or move your existing shelving.

Renovate without worrying about moving your books with our Liftman library moving system.

Our Liftman system saves you time and money on your floor covering replacement projects. This patented system makes it possible to move your library shelving safely as work is being undertaken.

There's no need to take out all your books or dismantle your shelves. Our technicians will move them carefully during the works and ensure that everything is put back in the same place.

Over the years, a large number of clients have benefited from our efficient system:

  • UQAM
  • University of Montreal
  • Libraries such as:
    • Sainte-Julie
    • Granby
    • Westmount
    • And many more!

Have a look at our photo gallery below to view one of our projects at the Westmount Public Library and understand how our system works (Montreal, Quebec).

Solathèque's Liftman System: Benefits and Savings

  • Cost efficiency
  • No storage required
  • Quick turnaround

Your project is a unique one: we can help you bring it to life.

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