Storage and Maintenance of Entrance Mats

Maximise your investment with a personalized maintenance program.

Whether you need to deep clean or restore your entrance mats, Solathèque's maintenance services will help you avoid premature wear and tear and extend the life of your mats.

Your janitorial staff take care of the occasional cleaning, but you want your investment to last over time and look as good as new for as long as possible? We also offer training services for your cleaning staff. Contact us to find out more!

A Proactive Maintenance Program

Our tailored maintenance programs are proactive and aim to protect your investment through

  • our team's high level of specialization in these areas
  • an understanding of your needs
  • determining the frequency and type of maintenance required
  • our knowledge of the right resources, the appropriate processes and the very best technology to serve you

Over 25 Years of Expertise!

Solathèque's maintenance division has unparalleled expertise and understanding of the best practices recommended by leading manufacturers. Our technicians have the skills, training and tools needed to rigorously apply their recommendations.

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